Private persons

There are also private affairs where we can support you professionally with a large number of topics.

Services for private persons

  • Income and value added tax declaration
  • Separate and consistent profit statements
  • Inheritance and gift tax declaration
  • Anticipated inheritance
  • Inheritance law
  • Provision: patient decree, power of attorney for health care and power of attorney for legal representatives

Frequently asked questions

What tasks concerning the tax declaration can the law firm take over for me?

Tax duties for private persons have deadlines; they are inconvenient and complex. We deal with the entire organisation for you: receiving tax assessments, monitoring deadlines, communication with the tax authorities etc. If necessary, we file an appeal or in extreme cases a lawsuit with the tax court. The advantage for you: We are always up to date and know the legally allowed possibilities to save taxes.

What added value can you offer me in case of inheritance or gifts?

To begin with: Private property succession, anticipated inheritance or the composition of the last will are important to preserve property – and your own peace of mind. Our aim is as simple as it is ambitious. Everyone who is involved should be able to sleep peacefully with our solution. For this, it is important to get business and real estate valuations as well as to plan carefully and to utilise the available tax allowances.


Why is the unpopular issue of provision so important?

We prepare the necessary powers of attorney for you, so that you cannot be taken by surprise when they necessity occurs. Otherwise it might happen that a judiciary supervisor will be assigned to you instead of the person you wished yourself. So provision at the right time to protect your own interests in case of illness and nursing is actually existential.