About Robert Tille

Have a look on the ensemble and you will get a focus on more details.

I am interested in my family and in human, nature and technology (i.e. my motorbike).

Robert Tille

Specialized Tax Lawyer

Activity Focuses („3 Pilar Policy“):


External Legal Department (labor law, data protection law, corporate & commercial law, commercial tenancy law, software law, tax law, contract law/ General Terms & Conditions)

Companies and Private Persons

Company start-up and company succession, winding-up of companies

Private Persons

Income tax, value added tax, separate and consistent profit statements, law of succession, inheritance and gift tax. Provision: patient decree, power of attorney for health care and power of attorney for legal representatives

Typical Clients:

  • Industrial Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Distribution Companies
  • Software Companies
  • Start-ups, Successors
  • Private Persons
  • etc.


  • Born 1969, Munich
  • 1998 until 1999: Legal Department Fraunhofer – Gesellschaft Munich
  • August 1999: Joining LM Leinauer Müller & Partners
  • November 2002 until June 2018: Partner of LM Leinauer Müller & Partners and LM Audit & Tax GmbH, Munich
  • Since July 2018: New Law firm RT – Kanzlei für Recht und Steuer